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Originally,the founder of Trontech only wanted to look for products for his vehicles.He had hard time to get a company custom made and offer better illumination to his cars so he decided to do by his own.After 5 years growing, Trontech has become a competitive company that has its own engineering team,sales team and factory for production.

Our goal is to improve and enhance customers’ vehicle performance.

Trontech team joins the vehicle shows all over the world so we know the trends of the vehicle performance.

We always enthusiast in better design, better quality control and customers service.

At Trontech, we are proud in bringing you best product, fast communication.And we will continue to make our best effort to lead in the market with best offerings for you,our valued customers.


The Trontech Team


Have ideas on new vehicle light or other vehicle electronic related projects?

Dont miss the chance to work with a reliable supplier!!

Our 5 years OEM/ODM team can help you get what you want within quickest time!!

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